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What is UNTRAPD?

My goal with UNTRAPD is to help men and women who have fallen into the trap of pornography. I am to free them from all the shame and condemnation that they may feel, improving their relationships as well as their mental and spiritual well-being.


Biblically Speaking

In the book of Matthew,  Jesus says, “But I say, anyone who even looks at a woman with lust has already commited adultery with her in his heart.” (Matthew 5: 28 NLT). When we look at pornography, we are in turn looking at men and women lustfully, thus commiting adultery. What is adultery? This is when a person in a commited relationship has sexual intercourse with another person that is outside the covenant of their relationship. The act of porn itself also promotes fornication (the act of sexual intercourse before marraige)…


The Problem with Pornography

Pornography does not only affect us spiritually, but it can impact us emotionally and mentally as well.


Porn kills intimacy and produces insecurity… 

Intimacy is best when it is exclusive. Watching porn can undoubtebly compromise any exclusivity that a relationship may have. There are even instances where the shape of the people on screen that one partner is watching does not match the person they are committed to, causing the person who is not watching to feel insecure about themselves…


Porn Blurs Perception..

Pornography can rewire your brain, giving you a false perception and disorientated view on what the act of sexual intercourse really is. People who continually watch porn are often found to have a higher tolerance for sexual aggression, violence and view other people (including children) as “sex objects”, an appliance for their pleasure, instead of viewing them as human beings with unique traits, gifts and personalities

Behind The Scenes

Porn Fuels Trafficking…

But it’s just a video of people having sex, right? No, it is far from that. People are often to entailed in the product of porn, but they are unaware of what goes into the production of it. Did the actor choose to be their on their own agenda? Could this person be a victim of sex trafficking? Were they in a bad place financially? Are they being taken advantage of, abused, treated fairly off-camera? The most common reason behind a majority of the videos you see online are a result of sex trafficking – forcing someone to do porn against their will…

“But I’m stuck, and I can’t stop watching it”

Personally, I was also caught up in a place where I couldn’t stop watching it… even when I really wanted to. I had been watching it for over 7 years until I realised how much harm it was causing in my life as a whole. When I started trying to stop, I could only stop for a week or two, before backsliding and failling into the pit again. To say that the act of watching porn and masturbating was not enjoying would be a massive lie – I loved the feeling. But God had so much more in store for me, way much more than the 5 mins of pleasure that porn could give me. And He has the same in store for you…

Pornography does not have a hold on you

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